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10,000 Etsy Sales & Lessons Learned

I recently crossed 10,000 sales on my Etsy shop, SolidGoldBodyJewelry. To celebrate this milestone, I am offering a 10% off coupon ( DONKATCHA10 ) for all body jewelry hoops and retainers.

A few things that I have learned on my journey to 10,000 sales include:

  • Remember that Etsy is a tool for your eCommerce business. It gives you access to customers and a means to process payments. Etsy changes its policies constantly – some are good and some, are not so good. Flexibility is the key to maintaining a shop on Etsy.
  • Also, keep in mind that Etsy can shut down your shop at any time per the terms of service. While there are blatant offenses that will get your shop shut down (trademark or copyright infringements), there are others (not as well documented, such as account association, etc.). I recommend owning your own website and diversifying your selling venues should be an eventual goal if you plan to continue selling long-term.
  • Etsy sales go up and down as a process of seasonal patterns, but also without rhyme or reason. Sometimes the Etsy algorithm will favor your site. However, even with the best SEO, you can end up lost in a stream of different product offerings. In addition to SEO, it is essential to market your Etsy shop via social media, ads, or other means. Further, Etsy has some loyal customers. If you make a great product and provide top-notch customer service, they will buy from you again and again. Repeat customers have kept my shop afloat through some lean times.
  • Everyone Etsy’s journey is going to be different. Some shops will seem to get away with all types of shenanigans. While it can be helpful to understand your market competition, you really need to focus on what separates your shop from the crowd and become an expert at that. This includes understanding your supply chain, working with the capital you have available, having realistic production times, and the ability to handle the demand for your product. Find a sustainable lane to grow your business on Etsy.

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