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Best and Worst Days of My Etsy Shop

I have run three shops over the years – two open now [DonKatChaJewelry & SolidGoldBodyJewelry] and one scheduled to re-open in a few months. My Etsy journey has been full of both ups and downs. Here are my best and worst days:

Best Day

The best day of my Etsy shop was when I made my first sale. It took one month and one week from the time I listed my first product. I was so ecstatic. I told anyone who would listen. Most everybody in my life thought I had a screw loose. Who gives up an academic career for “arts and crafts?” But I was determined to make my way in the world on my own terms. For too long, I simply did what was expected of me without finding out what I wanted out of my life. While I still may not be sure what I want out of life, I am enjoying my journey of self-discovery.

Worst Day

The worst day of my Etsy shop occurred a couple of years later. I had built a fairly successful supply shop with distinctive branding and options. I was riding the Etsy high. However, one day Etsy recommended a shop to me that was using one of my branded images. I was floored to find that this shop had not only stolen my photos but had copied my listings down to the coupon codes. I was gutted. I filed a DMCA with Etsy legal to have over 50 listings removed. I definitely lost my passion for selling for bit. I took a break and gave myself time to recover from this incident.

It was a bit of a downer to have my shop copied. Just writing about it, stings. But I have lived long enough to know for every bad experience, I have had tons of wonderful experiences.

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